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Low Pay Unit
The Low Pay Unit is the UK's leading source of information and advice on the rights of low paid workers

Registered Charity 298000

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   Click here for details of Unit campaigns, training courses & new publications, and for labour market news - changes in employment law, benefit rates etc. Bytom zabytki
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Employment rights advice
   Workers: problems at work? Employers and advisers: got an employment law query? Click here for advice on your rights and responsibilities in the workplace. Or maybe you are looking for ?
Research and information on low pay
   Includes the Occupational Pay Rate database, National and Regional Profiles, and the 'Usual Suspects' ten lowest paid jobs for men and women.
The national minimum wage
   Click here for the latest details of minimum wage rates, policy developments and links to minimum wage advice and research.
Publications list
   The Low Pay Unit's journal THE NEW REVIEW, plus research reports, briefing papers and other publications available to order.
Press releases
   Read our latest press releases online.
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   Click here for useful sources of advice, information and research on low pay and related issues.